Ascending together

Ascend is designed to fit seamlessly into the school building by fostering meaningful collaboration with school and district personnel and creatively configuring auxiliary spaces for 1:1 instruction.

Transforming a school - one student at a time.

We recognize and appreciate our classroom teachers, who work diligently to meet the needs of each student. Our teacher partners are our most valuable allies in the fight to close the gaps for our highest-need students. That is why building and maintaining a strong partnership and open communication between school staff and our in-school teams is so important. Ascend is designed to fit seamlessly into the school environment and school culture, promoting growth for adults and students alike.

Our School Partners Say...
“As we know, the traditional classroom is pretty much all the desks in one general direction, teachers’ desks at one specific area in the classroom. I think the Learning Stations give the student a different perspective on learning. Some students may not be very secure in a classroom atmosphere, but when they get into these work spaces they tend to open up.”
Robert O’Bryant, Building Engineer

The Learning Station

A dedicated space for 1:1 instruction

We are reimagining the physical design of learning spaces for our highest-need students within the school building. The result? A fully immersive learning experience that yields deeper student engagement and leads to more “a ha!” moments.

Ascend’s innovative Learning Stations are the first and only learning spaces specifically designed for 1:1 instruction for our lowest performers. Each week, students participate in 90 minutes of highly-individualized instruction during the school day within the Learning Station.

Ready to find out if your school and/or district is a good fit?

We are currently looking to expand to new urban, public school districts during the 2022-2023 academic year.

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