A bold vision for the future of teaching and learning

Ascend is designed to seamlessly integrate into the student’s school day. Our highly individualized instruction is delivered by a new category of professional, the Learning Coach.

Introducing the Learning Coach

Ascend introduces into the sector a new category of professionals within the school building who are trained specifically to deliver individualized, 1:1 instruction to our lowest performers.The Learning Coach position has the potential to transform how schools in urban districts leverage adult talent and expertise as they aim to close the achievement gap among our highest-need students.

Learning Coach

  • Expert in one-on-one and small group instruction
  • Position supports classroom teacher
  • Responsible for driving outcomes among our lowest performing students
  • Short-term commitment with minimum of two years of service

Instructional Coach

  • Veteran, highly-skilled classroom teachers
  • Supports Learning Coach to grow their teaching practice
  • Catalyst for organizational learning and continuous improvement

Leveraging relationships to yield results

Learning Coaches develop deep relationships with students over several years. They understand their students as complex human beings with a range of academic and social-emotional needs. This trusting relationship allows Learning Coaches to push students out of their comfort zone and build their resilience. We have proven that this long-term support has the potential to change outcomes for students, their classrooms, and their schools.
Behind the scenes

Training & Development

Our Learning Coaches are paired with expert instructional coaches who provide consistent support and feedback. This support includes:

Weekly coaching sessions in which instructional coaches lead learning coaches in reflection, goal setting, and progress monitoring

Training and professional development in research-based best practices
Collaborating on task guides and the individualization of each student’s scope and sequence

Rethinking Instructional Coaching

Learning is messy! It’s a reality for our students and our organization. That is why we have developed structures to rigorously analyze our instruction and our curriculum. Instructional Coaches support Learning Coaches while serving as a catalyst for organizational learning.

Instructional Coaches lead our team in rigorous video analysis of Learning Sessions. Together with Learning Coaches, they analyze curriculum effectiveness and student understanding.
Instructional Coaches know our Learning Coaches as deeply as Learning Coaches know their students. As a result, Instructional Coaches can build on Learning Coaches’ instructional strengths and target areas of growth.
Ascend has built an extensive library of session footage, allowing our Instructional Coaches to identify and address common conceptual and social-emotional challenges specific to our population of students and revolutionize how we serve them.
Educators say...
“Learning Coaches and Instructional Coaches have the power to transform a school not only because of what they do, but because of how they do it. Modeling growth mindset, problem-solving strategies, habits of mind, and positive peer learning relationships fuels the development of their students, themselves, their peers, and our organization as a whole.”

Sara Poplack, Director of Instructional Coaching

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