Our Model

Every student can reach their full potential

Ascend has developed and refined a flexible, whole-child approach to teaching and learning to increase social-emotional and academic growth among our lowest-performing students in urban public schools.

Our approach not only transforms outcomes for these high-need students, but also supports teachers by giving them the time and space they need to teach grade-level content effectively in the classroom.

In doing so, we revolutionize the landscape of urban public education: one student, classroom, and school at a time.

Ascend’s innovative solution

Changing when, where, and how supportive instruction is delivered

Student Growth

Our strengths-based curriculum prioritizes the development of critical thinking and social-emotional skills, opening students’ minds to rich exploration of mathematical concepts.

Learning Coach

Ascend is designed to seamlessly integrate into the student’s school day. Our highly-individualized instruction is delivered by a new category of professional, the Learning Coach.

School Integration

Where we teach is just as important as what we teach. We collaborate with teachers and administrators to create spaces where students feel safe to take charge of their learning.
Students say...

“The problem was hard. I kept getting stuck on one number. When my Learning Coach told me to work systematically, it gave me the confidence to do better.”

Elijah, 3rd grade

Unleashing the potential of classroom teachers

The lowest achievers in our urban public schools often face complex and wide-ranging social-emotional challenges and deep conceptual gaps in their understanding that impede their learning. We know firsthand how challenging it is for classroom teachers to both address the complex needs of their lowest achievers and help them catch up to their peers—while, at the same time, balancing the demands of an entire classroom of students.
Educators say...

“I would have never expected for these students to be where they are this year had they not had the help of Ascend.”

Sonja McDowell, Ascend Partner Teacher

Partner with Ascend

Here’s how it works:
Along with your team, we hold strategic conversations with key stakeholders to determine if Ascend is a good fit for your school and/or district.

We work with corporate partners to install Learning Stations and secure program funding. Learn more about Ascend’s Learning Stations.


We collaborate with school leaders and teachers to solidify on-the-ground program logistics and the introduction of our school-based team.

Our School Partners say...

If the Ascend model could scale up to be in every school, every classroom, partnering with the classroom teacher in implementing interventions that are actually useful for kids to close those learning gaps and to better perform in the classroom… I think that is so powerful.

Katie Mather, School Psychologist

Ready to find out if your school and/or district is a good fit?

We are currently looking to expand to new urban, public school districts during the 2022-2023 academic year.