Breakthroughs today leading to breakthroughs tomorrow.

Rigorous assessment and evaluation is central to our approach to “learning about learning.” Our team continually iterates and refines our model to ensure the highest quality instruction for our students.

How do we measure success?

A multifaceted challenge requires diverse sets of data to measure programmatic impact. Ascend uses multiple sources of quantitative and qualitative data to study and refine our model to best support students and teachers.

We utilize selected Cincinnati Public School and Ohio State Math Assessments to assess targeted components of our students’ academic growth, as well as internal (formative and summative) assessments to evaluate student growth.

All Ascend sessions are recorded. Our team of Instructional Coaches and Learning Coaches work together to analyze footage and gain insights on important programmatic elements including the effectiveness of our instruction and curriculum.
We know that for our model to be successful, it has to effectively serve the needs of our students and teacher partners alike. Diligent collection of feedback from students, their families, and school personnel helps to inform our programmatic decisions.
Our impact

Our Strategic Plan


Ascend identifies a specific challenge in urban public education and assembles a team to design the initiative.


In our demonstration phase, we have road tested and refined our model. Ascend now serves four grade levels in Cincinnati, OH.


We seek to further validate our model by diversifying the geographic regions we serve. Ascend aims to expand to multiple new sites in the 2022-2023 school year.

Ready to find out if your school and/or district is a good fit?

We are currently looking to expand to new urban, public school districts during the 2022-2023 academic year.