Frequently Asked Questions

Ascend is generously funded through a diverse group of donors, including charitable foundations, individual donors, corporate partners, and government entities. For more information, we invite you to review our 2020 Annual Report.
Ascend’s open-ended, task based curriculum is designed to ensure all students have a point of entry. Learning Coaches work in the school building full-time to deliver highly individualized, 1:1 instruction to our students. During students’ multiple years with Ascend, we aim to cultivate students’ social-emotional competencies and close gaps in their conceptual understanding. Our students grow to be engaged, productive members of their classroom community and exit with the tools necessary to continue on their educational trajectory. To learn more about our model, we invite you to visit [insert link].
Ascend’s first phase as a demonstration project at Bond Hill Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been critical to refining our model. We know the best learning comes from experience. As we scale, we look forward to validating the promising results we have seen with a larger sample size.
Yes! We are looking for passionate individuals to help us expand our Learning Coach cohort during the 2022-2023 school year. Visit [join our team] to learn more about the ATI Fellowship.
Ascend strives to provide highly effective instruction to our most vulnerable population of learners. Each learning session is recorded and uploaded to our coaching platform. Here, Ascend’s Instructional Coaches virtually collaborate with Learning Coaches to analyze instruction, student understanding, and specific curriculum elements. This process serves a catalyst for learning and continuous improvement within our initiative.
Whether you are a teacher, principal, or district administrator, we appreciate your commitment to your students and look forward to learning about your community. Please contact us here to get in touch with our team.
Our team is exceptionally grateful for your support. Financial contributions can be placed through our online portal. Ascend is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All contributions are tax deductible. Inquiries about ongoing funding can be relayed to our team here.

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ATI Fellowship Questions

Our application process is highly competitive. The number of ATI Fellows that we select varies from year to year. We typically place 3 to 5 Learning Coaches in each of our partner schools.
We expect our fellows to live within a comfortable commuting distance of their placement in order to be able to deliver in-person instruction to their students.
As a start-up learning organization, school breaks provide some of our most valuable opportunities for program evaluation and innovation. Learning Coaches lead projects and conduct in-depth student analyses during the summer months in preparation for the following school year. For more information, see “salary and benefits.”
An ATI Fellow’s salary varies based on site placement. We base fellowship salaries on the cost of living in different Ascend regions. All of our full-time employees are offered a range of benefits, including health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as a generous PTO allowance.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all available positions have been filled.

We are interested in highly-motivated and thoughtful people to join our team. No formal teaching experience is required, but we do recommend previous experience working with younger students/children.

The ATI Fellowship is a rigorous, full-time fellowship program. In the best interest of our students and our fellows, we do not allow participating fellows to be concurrently enrolled in classes and/or academic programs.
The ATI Fellowship is a full-time position. Fellows cannot be employed in another full-time position during their commitment.
Building deep, multi-year relationships with students is critical to our programmatic success. For this reason, all ATI Fellows are expected to serve for two years.

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